RDR2 Guide: Camp, Cores and Perks

Oct. 28, 2018

Basically I'll walk through all the different sections of the camp. I'll talk about the ledger I'll talk about upgrading which specific upgrades are the best and why and then I'll move on also to talk about various stats perks and the core system the skill system because just the camp is not enough to justify an entire like ten plus minute video after a certain point in the game's main story quests campaign you will end up unlocking this book called the ledger now basically what you do is you deposit funds into the camp or you can buy ledger upgrades directly from your own wallet but that's beside the point you invest into your camp and you upgrade the various stalls and it will keep it keep track of what you do etc so you have a medicine cart you have a provisions car you have an ammo cart etc and each time you upgrade these for a relatively low cost at least early on you're going to get more resources and they're better actual consumables so this is a place that you can go and restock various things and pound-for-pound I did a little bit of a cost-benefit analysis here this is far cheaper than actually buying individually all of these consumables out at other shops in the world and that also it's a lot faster to restock here across the board for ammo provisions medicine everything you can think of a lot faster to do it here than to rely on looting or finding them yourself the most useful upgrade among all the different you know stock carts in my eyes at least is the ammunition and arms workstation because there when you get up to the higher tiered upgrades you have fire bottles and high-velocity repeater ammo high-velocity ammo is extremely powerful and you get a very decently sized stock of it just from these upgrades so again cost-benefit analysis it's much better to have these upgrades and restock at your camp than it is to do it out elsewhere in the world this is the medical cart right here and you can see a large stock because I have fully upgraded it and there are things like potent miracle tonics and a lot of the real top-tier level consumables so just keep in mind that if you ever run out or if you need them for a specific mission or something like that even though consumables aren't really a make-or-break moment in the game you can come here to restock a decent chunk of them and then rebuy this entire stock from the ledger and it's much cheaper than anywhere else right here is the ammunition station and there's a lot of complex and really valuable ammo here that can add to your adventuring status but then also a bunch of people for some reason or another we're asking me where to replenish your arrows specifically well this is the place the level to upgrade on the ammo station will give you arrows and you can see them over there resting on that bench so arrows are present here and there's a ton of other resources and really good special ammo and consumables last up is the food provisions area and this one's the least important of the three you can get various canned goods and upgrade it etc and you can also eat a meal every once in a while from the pot but that's all that really needs to be said it'll replenish your cores which we'll talk about towards the end of the video but this is the least important one it's it's not really on par with the other two in terms of its utility usage now let's cover the main upgrades that are actually important and there's two of them number one is the leather working tools upgrade from the ledger this will actually allow you to get upgrades to your pouch and various other you know craftable upgrades to your gear from the butcher this is important in a sense it's not gonna make or break the story by any stretch but this will allow you to carry more of certain materials based on your preference it will unlock a whole bunch of customization options and the leather working tools are accessible very early on and very cheap so I highly recommend purchasing leather working tools as one of your first things and then checking out the butcher and seeing what his stock is and what you can do there after that the next most important one is Arthur's own tent and his like living quarters because there you can do a lot of things number one you can actually shave your beard which is pretty cool for keeping the law off your track people will treat you differently if you are clean-shaven the second thing that you can do is change your clothes at the Wardrobe at the foot of your bed I'm on a quest right now so you can't actually see the option to do it but it is there you can change your clothes your hat your your coat everything else and make sure that you're harder to recognize or you know more clean-cut for when you're going into the city things like that and then final and most important thing is that the last upgrade to Arthur's quarters will give you access to a map which will then let you like visit previous locations that you've been to so up until that point there is very little fast travel in the game and some people may say that you shouldn't be fast traveling at all I totally get that there's a beautiful world around you you can ride everywhere if you want to I'm not saying that you shouldn't but it is convenient to have that option available to you if you get stuck in a rough spot to be able to fast travel from more places than you're currently able to with just the railroads in just the stagecoaches so if you unlock arthur's tent you get access to a map that allows you to visit previous locations and that's a really good quality of life improvement especially for really long traversable distance quests and things like that so personal preference but that's one that can help you a lot and have a great deal of utility the rest of the camp upgrades in my eyes aren't super important though you can't get something like this boat that will allow you to travel through the water and go to certain fishing hotspots and it just adds to the overall convenience that the entire camp offers so you can pick that up if you want and it does help with access to certain legendary fish by the way but it's not super you know core to anything else it's just upgraded when you can all in all every single upgrade in the camp will be purchasable if you have about $1,500 which is the equivalent of 3 gold bars so you can unlock all of these things very early on in fact you can just go to like one of the secret locations get three gold bars and then boom you have every camp upgrade now another question that I've been getting frequently on all of my other videos is where people should store pelts in order to craft because the horse has limited inventory space and you can't really keep everything on its back well the answer is the camp he's not here right now but there's an NPC that stands right behind this table at the butcher's cleaver icon you can actually give your pelts and your carcasses to him and he will hold on to them for you as many as you want until you are ready to craft and then when you're ready to craft you go to him he's got all the resources in the stock ready to go you can craft whatever you want and take it home so you're not having to get all of the resources for any given upgrade in one single trip another thing that routinely happens in the camp is you'll see various NPCs interact with either each other or you in interesting ways but they're not dedicated quests so when you go into camp it may be tempting to think oh well this is a safe area maybe I you just walk over and do my thing listen to music do something on the side who knows but you really should pay attention to what's happening in the camp at any given time because sometimes they'll ask you for something there's one instance where Dutch you know talks about a pipe and you can go get a pipe for him and bring it back to him you'll get a reward and there's a bunch more of these I probably haven't discovered all of them but there are a lot more instances where things will get discussed within earshot of you that are not dedicated quests but they are kind of item requisitions or other little tidbits that you can do and you may want to do eventually if you're really immersed in the lore but it's not really gonna notify you further than that so you got to pay attention in the camp a little bit more than you might think next because all of this is not really enough to constitute a full video I'll talk about stats and cores and leveling up and a little bit about your horse because the way the stat and core system works in this game is a little bit different than others I don't really have a company and gameplay footage because a lot of what I'm about to say is self explanatory so treat that for what you will if it earns it a dislike I'm okay with that so basically what you have are outside bars outside circles and then your stat core and your stat core is like the last barrier before you're at a severe deficit in any one category whether it be sprinting ability and endurance or health and regeneration or even Dead Eye and the recharge rate on that as you're doing various things like getting shot or running or using your diability you'll drain the outside bar first and then when the outside bar is fully gone you'll start to drain from your core when your core goes down that depletes the rate at which the outside bar recharges so if you have a very low or empty core in let's say energy or stamina then you won't be able to sprint nearly as often or for nearly as long and it will regenerate far far slower however if you have a full core that outside bar will regenerate much quicker the next thing that's pretty obvious so it may not even be worth mentioning but I'll do it anyway is that as you use any given stat it will level up and that will increase the size of the outside bar and then you also have things like fortitude or whatever I'll cover that in a second so as you're sprinting you'll increase the size of your sprinting bar and allow you to sprint for longer so don't always ride your horse someplace maybe use your legs now and again you know use these facilities or take damage intentionally at times stuff like that but basically as you use them you level up the outside bar and that gives you more time before you draw from your core the last part of this is fortifying them and if you use various consumables they'll have a fortified duration which will allow you to use them basically infinitely until that yellow color you know dissipates and then once that's dissipated they'll you know D charge and recharge as normal again but while their fortified you can use them a lot more even if your core is low so fortifying any one of the stats will bypass the core restrictions and allow you to use them a bunch now a little bit about your horse you can't actually unlock a tether location at the camp but that's not really critical for any component of the story or any stats at all however the horse will actually level up based on its trust in you which will unlock actual abilities so you don't want to be switching your horse very often because to get to level 2 and level 3 trusts you need to ride them quite a bit take them into some gunfights or tether them at various locations walk with them Pat them groom them they need to trust you and then once they do trust you and I'll demonstrate right now even though it's very foggy here and you can't see very well you can start to use various horse abilities like this for instance which is a skid stop or you can do things like a skid turn and there are a lot of different things that the horse is able to do which will enhance your especially combat experience so don't necessarily switch your horse all that often try and use the same horse for a long period of time and get its trust level up and then utilize those advanced tactics the last thing I want to talk about is perks and stat boosts and this game does not have a traditional level of perk system like many other games do you don't get a point when you level up that you can then spec into a tree of possible options but what we do have is a map that has legendary animals on it and each legendary animal drops a trinket or a trophy or some other tidbit if you take those trinkets and trophies and pieces of the carcass to the fence and I've talked about this in previous videos but it's a very valuable piece of information so I'll say it one more time if you take those to the fence you can trade them in for small little you know talismans or trinkets that you keep in your inventory and are 100% active all the time and those equate to perks and they'll have a 10% boost to this or a 5% boost that and I haven't unlocked all of them in the game otherwise I put an index on screen or something like that but there's a great deal of them there are a lot of legendary animals and those special little trophies when you take them to the fence you get a lot of these little boosts that can up your quality of life or increase the rarity of pelts or a bunch of really useful stuff so you're not gonna be able to select you know specifically what you want as you level up because you don't really level up but what you can do is hunt down specific monsters and then sorry not monsters I always say that specific legendary animals harvest their their pelts and their trinkets take them to the fence and get certain stat boosts that's gonna pretty much wrap it up for today's video I know that a lot of this information is accessible in-game or you can learn it yourself and that's okay if some people get value out of this then it's still worth posting even if other people will watch it and say oh that stuff I already knew I'll also try to put in valuable little tidbits of information that maybe aren't as accessible in game or that less people know but hopefully this does have a positive impact on how some people play again if you want some Red Dead ish loosely themed merchandise we have this right here the outlaw red shirt I don't know what else to call it I pick it up it's under the description down below if you'd like to available for a limited time and yeah hopefully some people enjoy it that is it though I do have a couple more videos on the horizon for Red Dead Redemption 2 specifically a top-down general review I'm almost to the point where I'm ready to do that but spoiler alert it's gonna be a glowingly positive review it's gonna have a lot of praise so yeah if you're looking for controversy that's not going to be it's just gonna be another review that's saying that the game is amazing and deserves most everyone's time and citing a lot of positive things about it.