RDR2: 28 Essentials To Know

Oct. 8, 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 is within touching distance and like most rockstar fans I've read every single morsel of information I can from those people lucky enough to have played the game already here are 28 things I believe you need to know about Red Dead Redemption 2 or 1 if you've still got GTA 5 get it reinstalled right now there's some free content to unlock for redemption 2 but we'll get to that very soon by now I think we all know the basic setting of the game but just in case I'll quickly reiterate Red Dead Redemption 2 is set before the actions of the first game twelve years in fact and 19 years after Red Dead Revolver I have a breakdown of both those stories coming next week by the way we play as Arthur Morgan the second-in-command of the dutch van der Linde band of outlaws at the turn of the century the cowboy way of life was under threat and as we join the game we play through the final years of this seemingly villainous gang as this is a sequel returning characters are pivotal we've already seen John Marston and we know that he is an NPC in the game but so too are his son Jack and wife Abigail others that can be noticed include uncle and of course all the gang Dutch Xavier bill this has got me thinking about other characters we could see from other Red Dead games maybe London Ricketts the greatest gunslinger in the West this time setting would have been the peak of his skill sets so hopefully he'll pop up there's a plethora of characters who could return and I think will reappear in Red Dead Redemption to in fact come back to the channel next week for a breakdown of the most likely cameos we'll see the outlaw camp that we stay in will act as the main hub of the game for missions and interactions the camp will require upkeep to improve the morale of the group Arthur is able to contribute such as helping others with their issues are simply hunting for food ultimately we need those happy campers when going on missions with our gang mates keep in mind that Arthur can loot bodies like it expect but here's the potential issue your gang companions will do the same yeah they'll loot everyone time to move quickly Arthur just in case you're worried that you don't remember Red Dead Redemption won or dislikes those characters worried no longer there are new characters to meet and the entire story although full of nods to the original games will never expect you to have played them the story is completely unique.

Just like in GTA 5 it is possible to play Red Dead Redemption - in first person are the typical third-person perspectives the animations have been improved so first person should be less nauseating this time around. If you're a Fallout player the ability to switch views will be appreciated but for me I'm sticking with third person. Out of interest will you play in first-person perspective?

We've been told this is a living breathing world but come on we hear that about every single game that's ever released but in Red Dead Redemption to something as inconsequential as the wildlife in the trees has been expanded upon. Almost 200 species of wildlife can be found. When we're not there they'll live their own way with predators and prey, the food chain in full flow. Of course we can disrupt that ecosystem and no mankind will hunt them all to extinction.

Something I found interesting if after shoots say a deer too many times its carcass will be ruined and the pelt it won't be worth a penny. One bullet right between the eyes is what's required here. To help us out Dead Eye from Red Dead Redemption and revolver is back again and levels up throughout the game in its basic form Dead Eye will slow down time like the Matrix. With upgrades we'll begin to paint targets and unleash a barrage of metal to their skulls. It's even possible to find weak spots on each enemy. Wow who knew that ahead was a weak spots nice.

As we're already talking about weapons let's dig a little bit deeper Rockstar are trying to be a little bit more realistic in Red Dead Redemption to remember the gta5 weapon wheel where you'd be able to pull a minigun out of your backside no such look in Redemption - Arthur is only able to carry two sidearms at once or two rifles at once other things like knives can be carried - as long as it fits in with the character and the world the weapons themselves will degrade over time just like in Red Dead Revolver the damage output will be affected all the time to reload will increase or the accuracy will reduce these stats are impacted upon by real-world interactions small things like walking through a river cause your favorite weapon to rust and degrade don't worry we can repair them but knowing this issue may drive us to find a bridge rather than risking crossing a river on foot.

Going back to the hunting point again. If a pelt is placed on your horse and walks through a river it's likely to fall off and become waterlogged and useless so tiny things just like that have an impact on your overall experience and if that carcass is left too long it will decompose attracting vultures and coyotes I am those coyotes one last note about weapons it's possible to blow enemy limbs off with shotguns how lovely does that sound the honor system found in many games is once again in Red Dead Redemption too generally it's a choice of good or bad but hopefully it will have more depth than that your actions have consequences and reflects in the way you are treated in the world and even the killcams will be different if you're a trusted worthy gentleman Arthur your kill cam will focus on you looking damn good whereas if you're an evil sob the camera will focus on the holes you put in people I don't know about you but I'm going to be a complete horrible little but usually in video games the gameplay uncooked scenes are easily noticed in Red Dead Redemption to Rockstar are attempting to raise standards and combine gameplay and cinematic seamlessly look at this example as Arthur takes the shot it cooks into the dialogue instantly maintaining the flow between shots this is raising the bar completely speaking of killing people the wanded mechanic returns again like in the previous Red Dead should you commit a crime you will become a wanted man this will be broken down into stages of severity depending on witnesses Arthur could remain unknown a sheriff or bounty hunter may arrive but they don't know what Arthur looks like so our anonymity is intact as long as we can blend in on the other end of the scale it's the good old wanted dead or alive like you'd guess they'll be gunning for you knowing exactly what you look like and chances are they prefer to kill you than take you alive there are small ways to help yourself such as using a bandana to cover your face during crime capers even paying off bounties is possible but wand the NPCs will remember and potentially bring it up later in the story kind of like zelda and stealing something from a store only to return ten hours later and find the store owner still wants to murder you have you ever played The Witcher 3 cost you bloody well have well just like Geralt Arthur's hair will grow over time and so will his facial hair it's your choice if you let him resemble a hippie or you go for the clean-cut route personally I'm making Arthur into a Viking I do hope we can shape his beard in addition to hair growth clothing hunger cleanliness weather changes are all present and affect one another as the cold weather closes in Arthur will require changes to his attire something as simple as a coat on top of his usual clothing will help without that extra layer stamina will deplete quicker similarly with food Arthur can and must chow down just like in real life was cheesecake a thing back then I hope it was of course eating too much will cause Arthur to pile on the pounds so I'm going to make a bearded blob of a cowboy just like Hagrid you're a cowboy hurry maps eyes and locations have been revealed and like it expect the map is touted to be the largest ever realistically though the map will feel larger due to the modes of transport from back in the time try as it might that horse can't travel as fast as an aeroplane in gta5 in terms of specific locations Red Dead Redemption 2 has five areas confirmed at present New Hanover New Austin West Elizabeth amber Eno and Lemoine sorry about the pronunciation there new Austin and West Elizabeth both appeared in the previous Red Dead game which means armadillo fought Mercer and the McFarland Ranch should hopefully still be around remember the first time John went to Fort Mercer in Red Dead as an added unsubstantiated point here recently it has been suggested that the entire Red Dead Redemption 1 map will be playable in Red Dead Redemption - could this mean we see the original game released as DLC I'm likely overreaching they're back to locations but to be a little bit more specific inside locations all these places will have buildings to enter there'll be a ton of interiors to discover in Red Dead Redemption - and for me the greatest thing here are those drawers and cupboards to be opened for I know this sounds really underwhelming but I love Easter eggs and we'll be scavenging through every single draw to find out what happened to red Harlow at the end of Red Dead Revolver here's a point to note about locations in general as we complete each story mission time will pass in the game sometimes a few minutes sometimes a few days sometimes even longer this means the settlements you're in will change evolve grow deplete a newly created building will be a little bit tall the next time you see it or maybe a bank heist involves blowing up a wall that wall will need to be rebuilt over time in the game if you play fortnight think of it like that building and tilted towers that took months to rebuild in Red Dead Redemption 2 the complete map will evolve over time and will likely end looking like that of Red Dead Redemption one every single Rockstar game comes with improvements to artificial intelligence Red Dead 2 will have a space off with enemies who will flank us they'll hide they'll sneak into different vantage points they'll climb above us to gain the high ground advantage our dr2 should see the greatest AI we've faced in a rockstar game to be honest I'm gonna miss Red Dead Revolver Zay I I loved those buffoons so I mentioned GTA 5 at the start of the video most people have two copies of that game since it released over to console generations you may not be aware but two weapons for Red Dead Redemption 2 can be unlocked right now inside GTA 5 literally free unlocks for playing grand theft auto to grab the new weapons login to GTA online and follow bounty hunter missions which come through your phone from mod taking down a few bounties will reward you with the stone hatchet both in GTA online and Red Dead Redemption 2 there's also a treasure hunt to complete which again rewards you with a weapon in both games this time is the double action revolver that's a pretty damn good touch from Rockstar and remember when we made our characters in GTA online we could be the great-great-great great-great-great-great grandson of John Marston himself speaking of GTA are worried many players have is how horses will replace their beloved vehicles while put bluntly they're the same they have stats they have paint jobs they have alloys they have wheel trims but ok they don't have those but to a degree they are customizable but the main focus will to build up a bond with your horse feeding them calming them down caring for them but if that doesn't sound masculine and manly enough for you we can instead find rare breeds of horses in Red Dead 2 which have improved stats if you remember all those years ago in the DLC for Red Dead 1 we could locate the four horses of the Apocalypse literally horse is taking the fabled titles of famine pestilence war and death expect Red Dead online to have a range of horses to find oh that's another segue Red Dead online the online portion of Rockstar Games has become huge business bloody shark cards expect Red Dead 2 to attempt to claim our very souls for about 5 years just like GTA 5 did around late November the Red Dead online beta will begin the beta part is very important here remember the issues with GTA online when it first released expect something similar with Red Dead but once this smooths out probably by January then expect content to be added regularly to allow you and friends to rob banks take down rival gangs and generally cause havoc everywhere let's get back to the main campaign though and things that we know side quests will be another important element in Red Dead 2 with the main story impacted by seemingly unrelated side missions not only that but one of the greatest things in the original game was the strangers and free Commission's such as helping a chap who is convinced he could fly he most definitely couldn't all there was a woman looking for her husband who I'm pretty sure was a ghost these missions were insane and packed full of character more of that in RDR 2 will be fantastic in addition to being a badass cowboy they'll be pastimes to allow you to chill out from time to time how about a game of poker or a nice bloodbath game of five finger fillet or if that's not to your speed what about fishing the world is built to immerse you you don't have to go into any missions if you just want to relax a small but highly impactful piece of information is about your heads-up display Red Dead Redemption 2 gives us a fully customizable Hut if you ever played God of War without all the on-screen clutter you know how immersive that can feel from the outset Red Dead Redemption 2 has a reduced hood but it can be tweaked further to make the game feel more film like we can shut it off completely - it may make the game a little bit more difficult but it'll look damn impressive and finally as if you didn't already know Red Dead Redemption to releases on October the 26th it's so close over the next few weeks I'll be breaking down the stories of reddit Redemption and Red Dead Revolver and looking at characters we will likely see again I'm currently replaying Red Dead Redemption right now to find pieces of information that should apply to Red Dead 2 - such as did you know John had a daughter?