Fallout 76 Xbox BETA Coolest Highlights

Oct. 29, 2018

So the timed exclusivity of Fallout 76 on Xbox One is pretty much over at this point. Tomorrow it's gonna come out on both PC and PS4 and this is the day a lot of us have actually been waiting for. In this video I want to give my overall impressions of the next day of my beta experience and actually show you some of the highlights I found but actually a few really cool ones that were posted online, one such being a user that found the Enclave.

Also just as a quick disclaimer yesterday I mentioned a giveaway I was doing on Twitter basically if you follow me and retweet this tweet you can win a free $60 game of your pick. I'm gonna do that pretty much right after this video is uploaded so if it's in the first couple of hours you might be able to still enter links down below if you want to participate.

So I feel like right now I have a pretty good idea fallout 76. I feel like I got a pretty decent first impressions of this game and all around I like it I think it's gonna be a lot of fun and I still feel very confidently that this won't be as fun for as long compared to previous entries in the series and obviously that's very subjective that might just be for me but I don't see myself putting as many hours into this game as compared to something like Fallout 4 or even Fallout New Vegas. Now whenever I make comments like this i feel like there's always a part of the community that really takes it and just kind of doesn't listen to what i'm actually saying. What I am saying is I think Fallout 76 is a good game just worse than a regular Fallout game. It's not to say you're gonna stop seeing Fallout 76 content in a week it's just that maybe six months down the line I'll be moving on to something else or moving back towards fallout 4 and maybe even some Skyrim stuff and so I'm just going to be me solely playing fallout 76 which probably would have been the case if this is a more traditional entry like a fallout 5.

A lot of the quests have really interesting stories in this game and I know a lot of people are saying that this game has a lack of content. I disagree totally. It might have less content than some of the other games because you don't have so many choices so you don't have so many different paths to play and then of course replay but I still barely feel like I scratched the surface. I spent a good chunk of yesterday doing just one quest and even though certain aspects of it felt like it was a little drawn-out overall there was a good amount of content in that quest and hypothetically there should be hundreds if not thousands of other quests for me to do.

Also anything in the coming weeks as people get more and more comfortable with this game and actually get kind of a excess of equipment ammo or resources PvP and social interaction we'll be a bigger part actually contesting some of those workshops using the hunter versus hunted radio but it's a degree of choice that I think is gonna make me not like this game as much the quests are so interesting and still fun feel more like you're reading a book than interacting with a video game I'm hearing and learning about these stories of others not so much actually playing a role in the creation of new stories that's obviously very subjective based off the experience I've had with this game thus far but those are my impressions after playing this game for what ten or so hours at this point.

I think it's gonna be a great game I think it's gonna be a great fallout game but not one of the best ones. There's certain things this one does better than all the other ones and I personally love the addition a multiplayer but while playing it I just can't help to think I wish there were human NPCs. Maybe that just means the game's not really for me or my play style but either way I'm still gonna have a lot of fun with it and I still will be dumping hundreds of hours into it. As I mentioned before tomorrow the PC beta is coming out. It's going to go on from 7 to 11 p.m. I'm extremely excited for this I already have some people I know I want to play with and I plan on streaming for the entirety of that.

So as far as my third day in the beta goes I think I found what is one of the best mutations in Fallout 76 mainly because the downside is next to non-existent if you play smart and honestly not even that smart. So at one point while doing a quest me and my group actually encountered a putrid glowing one just got me contact and actually having this guy be around or melee me does give me a small chance at contracting a mutation and well like got a mutation and it was one of the best things to happen in my playthrough. The name of this mutation is herd mentality and what it gives you is plus two to all of your special stats when in a group and - to you when you're playing solo so as long as you have fairly active friends or can make friends quickly when joining a server you will have a lot of fun with this one. I think what makes this so powerful is of course the actual bonus effect getting plus to you to every special stat just gives you so many different options. But even beyond that compared to a lot of the other mutations out there right now most of the time when you're using this there simply isn't a downside. Now of course if everyone disconnects or just leaves you then yeah it's gonna really suck to have - - - every special but one thing I actually noticed during my playthrough yesterday was you don't have to be on the same server someone to be in their party. So I was in a party with several different people they were doing something else and I wanted to switch servers and actually join somebody else. None of the persons party was full but I still could connect to that server and it left me in my party so two people my party were on one server while I was on a totally separate one. Of course this meant I was still getting the bonuses from the herd mentality mutation and I was of course not playing with my party in Fallout 76. I personally feel like it's very easy to get into a party which makes this so powerful and you don't have to interact with them it's not like you're tied together, there's just bonuses that are brought to the table by being in a party that otherwise you don't have access to.

So yeah I'm super happy about getting this also kind of bummed out because I got it on Xbox and now I'm literally switching to PC probably for the next foreseeable future. I actually want to highlight another new mechanic that's introduced with Fallout 76. Legendary enemies have been few and far between probably due to the levels we find ourselves in. Most of us are not even past level 15 or 20 at this point. But yesterday I did find a legendary feral ghoul Reaver. One of the new mechanics here is there's actually tiers to legendary enemies. Now this particular one was a two-star. In the past I've seen three stars also and of course just the one star which are standard. I would assume that more stars means more health more damage things like that but what it also seems to correlate to you is how many legendary effects on the item they drop, so this two star enemy for me dropped a two star legendary weapon. So as you can see it does plus 30% damage to ghouls but also that's critical shots do you plus 50% damage. In the pip-boy inventory you could literally see the potential so you have five ranks here. So somewhere out there there are going to be legendary items that have five different like enchantments on them which sounds absolutely ridiculous. I can really imagine how overpowered some of those will be. I don't see it explicitly confirmed anywhere that two star enemies drop two star weapons and then three star drop three star and so on but based on my experience it seems like that probably is the case unless I just got really lucky by RNG. I've yet to see any five star legendary enemies but I think by the system it follows that those should be out there somewhere probably some of the toughest enemies you encounter and maybe even in nuke zones.

And somewhat related somebody on Reddit actually showed that for completing certain quests you do get unique weapons those seem to you making her turn beat up this image. It doesn't seem like they're truly unique in the sense that they have custom paint jobs or something unique looking about them but rather they have a unique name and a designated legendary effect. So compared to the last you maybe a little bit less climatic but I did find a Firefly. This was a new enemy it didn't seem to be attacking me but maybe it just didn't get the opportunity to. There also was a pretty big level discrepancy so maybe they act similar to rad stag in that regard.

But now for the guy that actually found the Enclave. So somebody on Reddit - a user by the name of nilly with an underscore - made a really nicely laid out post about the unclaimed how he found them. How you can find them the title of his post was I found the Enclave. He got temporarily banned for that title he's apparently that it is a spoiler for Fallout 76 so I'll credit to that user. He messaged someone else it seems like and they made a new post without the Enclave in the title. I don't wanna take anything away from their post as well as avoiding spoilers, it shows you how you can actually start the quest to get into the bunker some shots of the bunker.

The only thing I do want to show you guys this is gonna be from one of the traders there is that cool armor we saw from this screenshot a while ago but we have a name for that now it's actually called the urban Scout armor it seems like the enclaves advanced version of the traditional combat armor and I think it looks awesome. I imagine once we get to the later parts of this game you'll see a lot of people running around with this especially considering the fact that how cheap this is. I think one of the vendors was asking 100 caps for a stim pack and yeah you guys better bet that I'm gonna be trying to do this in the PC beta so let's hope I don't die on the way.