Fallout 76 Tip of the Day

Nov. 26, 2018

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Tip #6 - Nov 26, 2018


Whenever you find a unique outfit or hat, be sure to add it to your Stash, since there will inevitably be a Challenge that requires you to do something while wearing it.

Tip #5 - Nov 25, 2018


Sleeping for a short time on the ground will give you the "Rested" bonus. To earn the "Well Rested" bonus and avoid the risk of disease, sleep on a bed with a frame.

Tip #4 - Nov 24, 2018


Can't remember which Notes you've read? The "Read" prompt will appear interface yellow for unread Notes, but will appear darkened for Notes that you've already read.

Tip #3 - Nov 23, 2018


Too many crafting items that you can't make to sort through to find the ones that you can? Press the "Toggle Craftable Items" button to show only the items you can make!

Tip #2 - Nov 22, 2018


Completing Daily Challenges is an easy way to earn Atoms. Complete Weekly Challenges for even more Atoms!

Tip #1 - Nov 21, 2018


Stand out in a crowd! Did you know that you can change your Social Profile icon in the Atomic Shop? You already own a default collection. Find one you like and select “Equip”!