Fallout 76 Honest Single Player Review

Oct. 26, 2018

So I played fallout 76's beta for the first time and to be honest I really saw a lot of potential in having an online Fallout game where I can play with my friends. In fact I think this game is going to be positive for the Fallout franchise and bring in a lot of new players who wouldn't have even played fallout in the first place but in this early review I'm going to be reviewing fallout 76 from a solo players perspective I like fallout because it's a single-player RPG and I feel like many of the mechanics in fallout 76 have actually removed what made it a full-out game to begin with some of them are minor but some of them are really more important to me so in this early review video I just wanted to go over the top 5 things that stood out to me.

So firstly, I'm fresh out the vault and I've been questing and exploring for about an hour and I've got pipe pistols for days but then what's this I find a weapon stashed underneath the pubs counter tucked away just out of sight it's a shotgun a shotgun one of my favorite weapons and what's this it's got some ammo next to it as well so I immediately go to equip it I can't use it because I'm not level 15 I need to be level 15 to use it are you kidding why is this even a thing it's so anticlimactic I finally find a new interesting weapon to use and the game tells me no you cannot use this weapon yet you're not a high enough level later I even found a hardened sniper rifle which I also could not use I mean how is that fun at all it completely removed the rewarding feeling I usually get when I explore out of the way in these little areas and locations which I have no other reason to visit other than to explore and then when I find an interesting weapon which my character can't even craft yet and then the game tells me I can't use it I can understand why there might be a level cap on being able to use some weapons but I also feel like it doesn't really affect PvP that much because players are actually leveled to one another so if I'm level 40 and I attack you and your level 6 our damage will actually be equalized and Bethesda if you're really worried about that being an issue why not just limit the amount of 50 caliber ammo that you can find at a low level but it's just the worst thing when you let me find a really cool gun I like and then you don't let me use it that's not fun at all.

Point number 2 I'm going to be honest I thought that the events were great idea you basically get small and big events and every time you look on your map there's something going on and you can instantly fast travel to these events just for a few caps and then you can join in trying to defend a location or escort some robot or some other bizarre situation Bethesda's come up with some of these events were definitely better than others and more interesting like one of my favorite ones I had to do was defend food machinery in a factory from waves and waves or froze and every now and again it would actually break down and I would need to fix the machinery and I'd have to diagnose the system and find out what was wrong and why I'd need to fix all of this while defending it from waves and ways of ghouls and this was really fun and we had to work as a team in order to succeed which is a really good thing and I mean you're probably thinking yeah that sounds pretty cool yes so well it would have been cool but the way the game spawned in the goose was pretty lazy to be honest I'd be defending the machines and then suddenly I kid you not a horde of 10 ghouls would just magically appear right in front of me ghouls would actually spawn next to the machines they needed to attack and it just looked terrible I just ended up hacking and slashing through all of the goals until they were dead and it was just a bit brain-dead to be honest it's a little bit lazy really at least spawn these ghouls outside of the building so they can all rush in and us as a team can set up choke points to defend them because having them spawn inside just made no sense and it looks ridiculous but I also think it would be pretty cool if you eventually add the option to even build barricades on doors or defense turrets to help defend then you could have some people who focus on crafting having something to do that wasn't just punching and shooting things.

Point number three personally I found the game a little bit strange with no NPC's at all and when I say NPC's I mean non playable characters in most Bethesda games these people would give you quests you can buy items from them you and you can also kill them but without them the world seemed pretty lifeless and dead I mean yeah there were other players running around but each one of them was either having their own solo experience like me or they were in a group chatting on discord and running and gunning I found that each quest I did to find somebody just led me to a dead body I mean Bethesda put all of this effort into creating these amazing factions that I really want to learn more about but they're all dead all of the factions in West Virginia are just extinct no one exists anymore it's really rather depressing and I didn't actually realize that removing the speech role played dialog options from the game would give me such a feeling of loss but it did it removed my ability to actually roleplay myself in a fantasy world which is something I think all people who play Bethesda games really enjoy you enjoy having the evil option or the good option in those dialog choices I think if you want to bring back at least some kind of role play element you should really build a faction mechanic where players can actually join a faction like the Brotherhood of Steel for example or the Minutemen this could literally be as simple as picking a faction at the start of joining a server each faction could have its own goals like the Minutemen who would get bonus caps for defending other player settlements from people who attack them I know the Minutemen are not in the game but it's just an example everyone can relate to you can even reward players with unique perk cards unique so that faction for fulfilling the factions role you can literally have a faction per cards law in addition to your special perk card slots this would then give players a sense of belonging like in Fallout 4 when I join the railroad and I actually really started to fill for the since and started trying to save them from the Institute I feel like the faction system in previous games like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games would give you a sense of purpose some kind of role to play in the bigger picture of the fool out universe and I think that's really important in a game like Fallout 76 as well.

Now I want to talk about questing in Fallout 76 and this is to be honest probably my most important point in this whole review because it was a little strange if not very enjoyable at times the locations in Fallout 76 are really interesting if you're prepared to take the time to explore them for all of those notes and halle tapes which then allow you to piece together a story that really brings that location to life and I absolutely adore these treasure hunt detective type locations like that and I've done countless videos about them in previous Bethesda games the only thing is is that if you're trying to do this while being attacked by randomly spawning foes which then obviously interrupts the holotape audio so you can't actually hear it anymore because you're being shot at or even other players who were just in the area which for some reason have super loud footsteps my take take a look at this video right here this clip oh she survived what I'm immersed so obviously this stops you from enjoying your solo experience and of course you can turn these down in the game options which are later discovered but I did find it quite challenging to play the game at a slow pace at times you can't pause and listen to a holotape for example which is understandable because this is a multiplayer game but in that regard I'm looking forward to private servers because it will actually allow me to play the game at a slow pace and really delve into the lore of this games wealth of locations but currently I was left a little bit frustrated after trying to play the game in this way.

This brings me on to my final point point number 5. Now since the quests were obviously hard to listen to for a holiday I found myself actually sadly losing interests in the quest lines of fallout 76 and instead just running from event to event with no real direction or feeling of urgency to save somebody or find my lost son or father I really had no emotional connection or attachment to any quest that I'd started I was pretty much just running around aimlessly shooting and looting things and don't get me wrong that was really fun but it felt quite meaningless when I look back at it and what I actually did apart from leveling up my character what did I really achieve from my adventure I did get one opportunity to run off from other players and just to start to explore the deserted water treatment plant when nobody was and it's quite easy to do this because there's not that many players on the map but you do have to consciously make a decision to walk away from everyone else and deliberately explore some location where nobody is but once I was at the water treatment plant I finally clear out the location and I'm enjoying reading one of these terminals and at this point another enemy spawns on top of a location I can't reach and he's shooting me while I'm reading this terminal and I've got to stop and go and kill it again better safe a story where I can't wait to see you again be careful Oh God this thing is like standing up there I literally can't even hit it kind of annoying requires terminal goddamnit in order to get up there I've actually got to go back down this tunnel again run all the way around just to kill this yes so I finally went back and killed the enemy that respawned and bearing in mind it takes me a little while to read all of the dialogue because there's a lot which is a really good thing but by the time you've read half of it and enemies respawn and you have to kill it again which can be quite annoying but anyway I started to uncover the tale of two young lovers hiding from the Brotherhood of Steel offer a little bit of detective reading work I was able to uncover the location that the lovers had fled to and note led me to a terminal which then led me to a key which would have led me to the final location of the two lovers had I not been distracted by a wanted player on the horizon.

So that is my honest review of fallout 76 so far from the perspective of a solo player. Don't get me wrong though the game was a blast to play and I really enjoyed her especially the PvP.

I think if I had to review the game right now I would give it a 6 out of 10 for a solo player playing this game and then an 8.5 out of 10 if you're going into this game with friends enjoying it with other players.