Destroying all factions in Fallout 4

Aug. 9, 2018

What happens if in fallout 4 rather than trying to ally with and help all of the major factions you just try and kill them? This is a question that pops into my head after doing a recent playthrough. In this playthrough rather than trying to take the peaceful way out a lot of times I would just do the quest and try and kill as many people as possible during those quests. I wouldn't look for charisma or dialogue options I'd just settle it with guns. Then that got me thinking what if I took this even a step further? What if in my next playthrough of Fallout 4 I never tried to talk to anyone? The second I encountered the Minutemen the railroad the Institute and the Brotherhood I just started shooting? Well that pretty much leads us to this video where I'm gonna find out what happens when you just attack all of the major factions rather than trying to talk to them do any of their quests.

Before we get started though we're gonna need a few supplies a few mods to help us along the way and just make things a little bit easier. Never people say those kinds of things I always picture youtubers throwing things aggressively into a bag so let's do that start me up survival options some cool weapon mod and you're pretty much good to go. To give a little bit more context as to why I picked these mods in particular start me up allows you to pretty much customize your character as much as you want and change the starting part of the game so gets one at level 10 and have some decent perks and not have to deal with modifying that through the console survival options allows you to actually change some of the damage modifiers and a lot of other options about the game so I can take next to no damage and deal a ton of damage making this video infinitely easier but that'll be our little secret and you know cool weapon mod cuz the vanilla stuff in Fallout 4 kind of sucks.

With all of that out of the way I make my way to the Museum of freedom to encounter Fallout 4's worst and by far most boring faction the Minutemen. Speaking of which if you're looking for some mods to improve them I made a video on that last week I may have gotten a little trigger-happy and try and take some shots at Preston right outside the building unfortunately it seems like that didn't do anything just yet as you make your way in after clearing through the Raiders I finally got to that moment encountering Preston and his goons and I finally could let out all this anger that I've had built up for the past three years know Preston I don't want to do another settlement thank you though the fight with brass and her friends was difficult they definitely are a pretty formidable force and honestly they just kept getting back up after taking down one or two of these characters you to the next view and then the first two would start getting back up again it was truly a difficult battle but eventually I did prevail I did get all of the characters down then they got back up again you see unfortunately at this stage in the game press tend friends are essential more or less what that means is the game looks at them as essential characters to the story and they cannot be taken down so even though I couldn't progress in the Minuteman quest because you can't actually talk to Preston because he is aggro to you you also couldn't kill them so you're kind of stuck in this perpetual loop of shooting them until they fell down and then they'd get back up and shoot you back frustrated but not defeated I moved on to the next major faction you'll encounter and fallout 4 that would be Brotherhood of Steel I have a particular fondness for these guys so it felt a little bad actually taking them down but they just weren't getting the message after reaching the Cambridge police station I dumped quite a few magazines into paladin dance to no avail you just stood there took them and still had that happy grin on his face as some of his underlings got up and began to join the fight he got the message them having much less armor took more damage from my attacks and then they all became aggro to me and just like that something beautiful happened with one amazingly well-placed shot on scribe Halen's head it happened you are now enemies with the Brotherhood of Steel I made quick work of the remaining two paladin danced without his underlings wasn't much of a threat and honestly the ghouls gave me far more trouble and that was it now I can loot their bodies get all of their equipment and I even got a key to the Cambridge police station my new personal home although unfortunately at this point in the game I couldn't actually get any of the valuable stuff off of paladin dance you couldn't even take his power armor if you tried but that was it the fire support quest was failed and considering that's a prerequisite for the entire Brotherhood quest line I could never do it the Brotherhood was perpetually my enemy although you still could do some of the other quests for the railroad and the Minutemen and actually get the pred wind into the Commonwealth you could never board it safely they would always just attack you on sight feel accomplished I moved on to the third major faction that with the railroad only a short walk away I made my way into the north church and eventually cracked the code to the railroads HQ the railroad was by far the most difficult fight yet they had more men more firepower and by far the best armor outside of Haledon dance outnumbered and injured I had to retreat to cover but after landing a fatal blow on the minion carrier I had gotten a minigun from there I made quick work of their remaining and what I found was a similar story to the Brotherhood of Steel I was now perpetually aggro to the railroad there's no quest for me to do I couldn't even do the first quest on them Desdemona and deacon were dead which pretty much locks you in place based on where you are currently although I did get access to the railroad HQ from Desdemona's body and I could clear things out there tinkerer Tom and a few various railroad agents were all that remained but here I found something quite interesting despite me clearing out every railroad agent thus far into the game Pam wasn't agria to me she was clearly in her attack stance but she wouldn't hurt me and for that reason I didn't hurt her almost like both me and her knew that what I actually did was correct considering many theories place Pam as the starter of the great war scavenging the railroad HQ led to a lot of great loot they had some of the rarest and most sought-after items in the game and they were now placed in my inventory but outside of that the place was largely in shambles there wasn't much to look at so I figured I had to move on but that's when the severity and impact of my actions actually hit me as a result of taking down the railroad I never could get the Institute the Institute are hidden within the Commonwealth the only way you actually get access to them is by going down the railroad questline considering now I never even get access to the railroad quests because I never finished the Brotherhood quest and I killed the only people that I would be able to turn the quest in to the Institute would never appear I would never get to contact them as a result of my actions the Institute decides to remain in hiding and not actually interact with those normies of the Commonwealth feeling significantly more powerful and satisfied I decided to give the Minutemen another go rather than just attacking them upfront this time though I thought what if I actually excited with them I play Garvey's little game and save him and his friends then turning them as they arrived at their home in sanctuary the irony that would be enough time having passed Garr view is now passive to me but as I approached him he gave me a different response it seems like since I attacked him the first time around he was a little bit more wary he knew the power I held and he was hoping I wouldn't do the same thing again and even in addition since I picked up that minigun off of the railroad agent Sturgis actually also had a new dialogue option where I could respond now with I actually have a minigun already rather than having to pick one up but then something terrible happened it seems like since I picked up the power armor the first time around I now glitched this quest even though I wanted to help the Minutemen and help them free themselves from here I never could pick up the minion even after getting my armor and ripping the mini get off of that vertibird the game still told me I had to do it trying to use console commands to force the quest for it allowed me to complete it but Garvey never understood this he still acted like I wasn't helping them or that I hadn't killed all the Raiders outside even though I did and just like that it was the end there was nothing I could really do I can continue to shoot Garvey and try and take down him and his squad but I wouldn't get anywhere they'd just get back up and I couldn't progress the quest because there was no minigun for me to pick up the interesting part about this though is let's say I didn't pick up that minigun and I didn't use that power armor whatever glitch the quest originally that would leave a game in a state where all you could do is settlement quest you can progress with the Minutemen you couldn't progress with the railroad and the Institute would never be entered into the equation so by killing all the other faction leaders all that would be left is preston garvey who would remain essential so your fallout 4 would turn into a state where all you could do is save another settlement and just like that you would enter into a game state where an unrelenting force would pretty much hit an immovable object Preston would just continue to give you settlements to save over and over again and even if you killed everyone over and over again after enough time passing he would be happy with you again and give you the same cost so that was it that was my experience in Fallout 4 trying to kill all of the faction leaders the result was actually pretty interesting I didn't know you could kill dance and friends right away nor the railroad especially considering by taking down the railroad right away you prevent the Institute from entering in or actually teleporting you into their base you're kind of just stuck with Garvey and stuck with saving settlements if you want to go this route in the game and I imagine for that reason a lot of you won't.