5 Things About Fallout 76 Single Player

Oct. 24, 2018

Oh bloody hell I'm knackered I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. in the morning playing the first four hours of Fallout 76 is public beta and boy did I see some stuff in Appalachia including this weird messed up glitchy spider dog monstrosity that freaked me out so much i legit had a nightmare about it chasing me iceberg bethesda.

Now i should preface this video by saying that I captured this footage from an original xbox one not an xbox one X I'm not sure if the Xbox 1x version looks any better than this one but my word I really thought fallout 76 looked rough.

There's so many terrible textures on show the framerate often drops to zero in moments of high action and distant graphics don't so much as gently pop into view as they do full-on punch you in the face once you get close to them and just check out how blurry all the stuff in the background is here someone get this man some prescription glasses for God's sake all those years in a vault of left and short-sighted.

Anyway I'm not here to talk about how ugly the game looks. This is a beta after all so there's bound to be a bunch of bugs to iron out. I'm here to answer one of the biggest questions people have had since Fallout 76 was announced: is it actually possible to play the game like a true solo fallout experience? If the thought of a multiplayer Fallout game makes you want to drown your sorrows in highly irradiated sunset sasparilla well here's my findings.

After my first four hours of so the trouble I have with MMO style games is that when you're rocking them with a team often you'll just completely miss a lot of the incidental stuff because you and your teammates are racing through each mission trying to be the first person to do a thing that unlocks a thing in order to get a thing. It's understandable and Fallout 76 multiplayer seems a lot like that. I spotted plenty of people legging it around in teams running from one battle to another without pausing for so much as a quick go on a mouth up. Thankfully when you play on your own like I did it's much easier to take at your own pace and consume the game like it was a proper single-player fallout experience. There are masses of law building notes and holotapes lying around that will undoubtably be missed in the hustle and bustle of team play and that's not even putting into consideration the amount of audio messages you'll miss out on because your teammates are jabbering away in your ear. While you're playing holotapes on your pip-boy playing solo meant I could take time to actually listen to the holotapes in their entirety without feeling like I was being rushed along to the next location. I could sit back and read all the notes I found without a trigger-happy friend kick starting a shootout behind me and I could properly explore the detailed locations at my leisure without feeling like I was missing out on something cool that my comrades were doing.

In these quiet moments Fallout 76 felt like a single-player Fallout game. It didn't feel like a true Fallout sequel though it felt more like a Fallout 4.5 but the Fallout vibe was there, albeit slightly watered down due to the lack of true NPC characters to natter to better I promise and daddy if you're listening one of the biggest hurdles between you and a single-player experience in Fallout 76 is of course of the players. Considering the size of the map and the fairly small player limit per server there's anywhere between 24 to 32 at a time I found I was constantly bumping into other people. This is quite likely due to the fact that everyone was starting at about the same time as me and so we were all running the same quests in the same central starting area but still I had the impression in my mind that things would have felt less I don't know busy. It really wasn't the lonely solo experience that I had expected. I've often followed waypoints to out-of-the-way places only to find themes of people already there bumping off all the enemies and leaving nothing between me and my gold other than a pile of fresh corpses which instantly robbed the game of any challenge. Although it is possible to block all the players on the server so you can't see their locations on the map and they can't interact with you in hostile ways, there seemed to be no way whatsoever to just avoid bumping into other players altogether. Fallout 76 wants you to be playing multiplayer, it wants you to see other human beings in the game, and it wants you to interact with them. Sure, there are ways to reduce these interactions but you'll never be able to turn them off completely and understandably this may not be the best of news for some of you.

So how difficult is the game in single player well considering Bethesda wants people to team up in fallout 76? I was expecting things to be a little overwhelming but to be honest with you the missions and public events I tried during the first four hours of the game were piece of cake to complete on my own most enemies are pretty easy to dispatch especially if you find a good weapon early on like an i eated pitchfork here this thing takes out most flashy enemies with one swift hurting Bernie poke to the chest and as long as I had a lot of health putting down swarms of bad things was child's play being on the receiving end of a beating isn't the end of the world though if you die in a normal Fallout game you have to go back to your last save but here death is a minor inconvenience pop your clogs in fallout 76 and you'll be able to choose to respawn right next to your corpse where you can carry on the fight you just lost as if nothing had ever happened sure you'll drop a few items when you die but it's mainly just crafting components that you'll lose and they're easy to reclaim from your loot bag once you've had your revenge responders what did take me by surprise though was how close the game felt to destiny at times enemies side missions and public events we keep respawning ad infinitum and I was offered the chance to join the same liberator farm from cranky robots public event pretty much every time I visited flatwoods no matter how many times I'd completed that same event before truth be told the first four hours of gameplay felt pretty hollow as the majority of missions in the main questline were basically training missions in disguise with nothing in the more challenging than boil some water or make some ribeye steaks now I get that some people will need to be taught these things considering it's a survival game and you need to be constantly monitoring your thirst and hunger but still a compelling challenging adventure these missions did not make all right so PvE might be pretty simple but how about PvP well in my quest to see if a true solo experience in fallout 76 was possible I tried my best to avoid PvP combat completely but even though I thought I'd blocked everyone somehow this dickhead kept shooting at me until I'd lost my rag and decided to engage him and you know what I'd really wish I didn't the speed of the combat the stiff controls and the wonky scenery but the PvP felt proper clumsy the amount of times I've gotten objects or fell off things mid-battle made the lengthy scuffle feel incredibly frustrating and it doesn't help that the real-time vats is a bit foop either you can kind of deal with it when it's just a dumb piece of AI striding towards you can't wheeling its arms in your direction when this happens the real-time vats acts basically like an inaccurate aimbot but when you're face to face with an intelligent target well that becomes redundant pretty quickly and the whole thing just goes a bit slapstick if you do get killed by another player by the way once you respawn you can choose to move on with your life or you can decide to take revenge on them doing this will show you exactly where your killer is on the map and it will allow you to hunt them down and try to reclaim all the loot that they stole off your corpse take that yes shithead that's for making me play multiplayer Fallout yep um as most regular viewers will know one of my biggest loves in videogame life is loot so how does that work when you're trying to play the game solo well you'll be glad to know there's plenty of stuff - not all just like him fallout 4 you can pick up pretty much everything you can see and you can break it all down into crafting components at work benches for future use obviously your vault suit pockets are only so big so at times you'll want to rid yourself of some of the crap otherwise you'll get over encumbered and suffer a big actionpoint penalty thankfully you can fast travel to your camp at any given time or better still just set up a new one right where you're standing as long as you have five caps per to pay for the privilege then you can just transfer all the junk you have into the camp and continue on light as a feather this means you can easily grind for building materials without having to team up with strangers or share all of your hard earned crafting components with your friends building a fully functioning base looks like it's going to be one hell of a grind mined with many objects requiring you to find a recipe own certain perks or reach a certain skill level before they unlock thankfully over time you can achieve all of these things in solo and with a few Robo merchants dotted around you should be able to sort out some good trades without once having to barter with another player although I'm sure there will be some high level stuff later on that you can only get from humans but if that's the case I'd rather just do the legwork and earn it for myself screw Commerce and there we go those were my first impressions of solo fallout 76 play from the first four hours of the open beta it's certainly possible to play fallout 76 solo if you don't mind constant interruptions from other players that is but whilst it looks like fallout and it sounds like fallout it does play more like a fallout light than I was hoping or at least it does at this early stage anyway I am hoping to find depth to the story the mechanics and the challenges as I go deeper into Appalachia in the future if you enjoyed this video do give it a like do subscribe for more fallout 76 videos and do let us know what you think about the game in the comments below but try not to be too worried about it because one it's not nice and two our comments filter will automatically chuck anything too offensive straight in the bin goodbye