5 Rare Creatures in Fallout 4

Sep. 2, 2018

The radioactive wastes of Fallout 4 have produced a no shortage of vile mutated creatures for the Sole Survivor to contend with and their quest to thrive. However, nearly all of the disgusting organisms that can be found in Fallout 4's Commonwealth have a number of potential special variants of themselves that can spawn in alongside the normal creature. These variants have specific differences in both stats and appearance that keep them distinguishable from the general being that they're based on. Most variations are much stronger than the original and will begin to appear somewhat more frequently if at all as the player levels up. Adding these enemies to the game and increasing their spawn rates is one of the ways Bethesda tries to keep Fallout 4 challenging even for higher level players.

Well there's a handful of these variants that are especially difficult to come across with some rather interesting characteristics that I really wanted to dive into for a while so that's what we're gonna do today now do keep in mind I'm specifically aiming to feature uncommon creature types on this list though as you level up all of these will spawn more and more often but still being somewhat rare however if you spent hundreds of hours on a level 135 character for example some of what we're gonna show may not feel very foreign to you but hopefully something on this list catches your eye or you're just entertained anyway but without further ado let's take a look at five rare and interesting creature types you may have missed in fallout 4.

Starting off, ghouls are rotting zombie life dens sometimes totally feral humanoid creatures that can be found across the Commonwealth and beyond generally speaking over exposure to radiation will expire most people however first select few and instead transforms them into these fascinating creatures and some are even able to retain their intelligence and sense of humanity goula fication has generally been thought of as a process somewhat unique to humans sure we've all heard the whispers of a legendary ghoul whale out in the seas but it was until fallout 4 is far harbored DLC that it was totally confirmed that gula fication isn't a curse exclusive to mankind this is because once the DLC has been installed a new variant of Yahoo I will begin to spawn on rare occasions both on the island and in the Commonwealth itself the ally ghoul is a Nouveau significantly less common than a normal Yahoo I and with a somehow even more repulsive appearance these beasts pose a slightly greater threat than their generic counterparts with 75 more HP and an additional 10 points of volt damage and energy resistance also dealing 15 more points of damage per attack though it should be noted Yahoo I ghouls have less than one-third the perception meaning they should be easier to sneak past and shake off when you're trying to get away from one the yaoguai ghoul isn't even the most powerful version of that creature that would be the dusky out why however I'm just really fascinated with the ghouls of hereit's it's nice to know that mankind isn't alone when it comes to becoming zombies.

Next on our list rad scorpions are frustrating foes as is fast movement coupled with an ability to literally go underground in one place and pop out another instantly makes these arachnids especially hard to hit and even harder to get away from thank God if they only have 250 HP at base rights rights well allow me to introduce you to a truly aggravating opponent meet the radscorpion death skull these creepy crawlies have a small chance to begin spawning once the sole survivor has reached level 64 and they'll continue to level with you afterwards earning their name from the intimidating bone like design on what could be considered their face death skulls are the real deal with 1150 base HP one of these has more health than a super mutant behemoth and also packs more than four times the base melee and poison damage as well as energy resistance as normal scorpions altogether these skull-faced killers are a true force to be reckoned with when you're roaming the Commonwealth.

Come in at number 3 Gophers are massive mutated salamander like creatures native too far harbors their movement style is somewhat reminiscent of death claws and the way they violently rush the player and dodge potential attacks on top of that they can even be seen waiting in trees to ambush potential prey it's truly nightmare fuel thank God they don't get any pick out Who am I kidding allow me to introduce you to the gulper devourer these puppies are somewhere between 30 and 50 percent larger than their normal I use that word loosely we are talking about mutated fish gulper cousins this size also translates to a power disparity as well as gopher devours have about two times the everything in comparison as well definitely making them a beast to be avoided at all costs the size increase is especially significant as the gulper devourer is the only creature variant that is actually larger than the original thankfully as a rule golfers generally have poor damage resistance due to their lack of a firm exoskeleton and with nearly two times it the devourer still remains especially vulnerable to many guns and really anything else with a high rate of fire and a bigger enemy is simply all the easier to hit for fourth spot radrats are just one of many types of disgusting vile creatures that can be found lurking across the old Nuka world amusement park no doubt the descendants of a previous infestation these beings have managed to thrive in an environment rich with old sugary drinks and other sticky things to eat these creatures however are even more vicious than the rodents we know in our current world radiation has turned them into extremely aggressive and uglier pests that can actually pack quite the punch in large groups but amongst these four-legged foes the special plagued rad rat is certainly the most intriguing they'll start spawning in at level 64 and have three times the HP and damage resistance as typical rats with notably four times the energy resistance their appearance is especially repulsive showing signs of infections and open wounds but most notably they'll glow green in the dark it seems radiation has mutated these beans into bioluminescence so if you're ever wandering Nuka world at 3 in the morning and see a number of green orbs rushing towards you in the distance don't be too surprised now before we wrap this list up we have not one but two honorable mentions that I'd like to share both actually bean types of death claws the first is extremely rare dare I say it's impossible to find no really it is impossible to find because Bethesda never actually implemented it into the game meet the quantum deathclaw this blue glowing variant of our familiar lizard like friend was supposed to make an appearance in the new co World DLC however for unknown reasons the enemy was completely cut from the game so the only way to go toe-to-toe with such a creature is with console commands or mods the quantum deathclaw would have had nearly identical stats to the glowing deathclaw though the quantum claws damage was considerably higher the reason for this NPC's removal is again pretty unclear considering it seems to have very much been completed and would have fit in very well with a variety of other non cut quantum themed NPC variants the new core World DLC introduced but whatever the case quantum deathclaws will certainly be missed our next honorable mention goes to the chameleon deathclaw this indefinitely coloured organism did indeed make the cut into the final game and can be found on rare occasions once the player is surpassed level 81 what makes the chameleons death call so unique on top of their insane stats is their ability to rapidly change colors while in combat and even become invisible for short periods of time what colors that decides to change to and how quickly it does so our factors dependent on the chameleons movements in battle and the surrounding area sometimes they'll flicker red on other occasions they'll maintain a beautiful green skin tone for seconds at a time from a statistics perspective they're the second most powerful type of deathclaw with it being beat by the mythic variant I decided to include this as an honorable mention because I personally was already pretty familiar with it before making this video but still definitely thought its unique abilities constituted sharing it so make sure you get a good look at this beast now because if it has its way in battle you won't get a chance to get it because it's a chameleon trying to became a flat dog don't go home now and finally last on our list hermit crabs are rather rare creatures already they only have a possibility to spawn in about 4 different locations in Far Harbor and are quite fearsome they're car / shell makes them rather difficult to hit and they also have an annoying tendency to spit out baby hatchlings to bite at your ankles well levels you'll have a chance to encounter the elusive albino hermit crab which spawns in at 61 there's a need a handful of hermit crab various alpha hermit crabs glowing hermit crabs savage hermit crabs you get the idea but the albino ones are by far the strongest and least common not easily distinguishable by their white pigmentation albinos start popping up with a minimum of 3800 HP compared to the generics just 750 that's nearly as much as four super mutant behemoths combined this health is only compounded by the 300 and 350 damage and energy resistance respectively not only do they have a ridiculous amount of health but your attacks against them will be less effective if all that wasn't enough albino crabs have a base-10 perception rating more than double the default making evading these crustaceans all the more frustrating now funnily enough in the real world albino hermit crabs are actually a thing and they are insanely adorable that said most real-world hermit crabs aren't trying to rip you into tiny pieces and eat you and those that are simply aren't capable of it.