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About the Site

BrandonGamer is a site dedicated to celebrating computer and video games, and preserving all kinds of materials from those games, including game artwork, design, history, development, audio, video, collectibles and more. I've run a handful of individual sites dedicated to individual games - and I still run a couple - but I wanted to mostly put all my love for gaming into one site, allowing me to significantly expand the content in the future and also include some editorial content.
Head over to the Games tab for archived content, and stay tuned for a lot of new content to come!

About Me

My name is Brandon Klassen, and I love PC gaming. I grew up spending long hours playing Sierra and LucasArts adventure games, LucasArts Star Wars titles (especially Tie Fighter), and many other classic PC titles. These days, I'm really into the Elder Scrolls games (mostly Skyrim and Oblivion), Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the BioShock games, the Fallout games, the Tomb Raider reboot, Mafia II, and many other games.